Finca in La Zarza

A finca with five bedrooms and two bathrooms in La Zarza, Murcia (costa calida), Spain

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Full description of this finca

This large farmhouse situated in the La Zarza valley has amazing panoramic views. The house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Mains water and electric and a fireplace in the kitchen dining room. The upstairs has been fully renovated and the property has a completely new roof, the downstairs still has some work to do to bring it up to the same standard as upstairs. The majority of the land is planted with almonds, there is a garage and a rear courtyard.

Famous for it's wines, with their own Denominación de Origen, Jumilla lies in the Altiplano of the Murcia Region, where the coastal terrains give way to the plains of La Mancha.

The town is steeped in history and cultural heritage, and a great many traces of its evolution are still visible today. The Iberian village of Coimbra, in the Barranco Ancho, is one of the most important in the region; likewise the Roman villas, the remains of which can be visited at the town's Jerónimo Molina museum. The legacy of the Arab world is evident in the archaeology and place-names. When the Reconquest recovered this region for Christianity, it fell under the protection of the Manor of Villena, which was when the town began to take its present shape. Many of the buildings constructed during these centuries bear witness to the town's splendour: the 15th-century Castle, on top of the hill, built over the Roman settlement, and the Arab fortress, which still preserves the Keep, and the patio de armas, the Church of El Salvador (a symbol of Jumilla) and lastly the Ancient Council and Exchange: a mid-16th-century building and the only example of civil (not military) architecture in Murcian Renaissance.

History is not Jumilla's only resource; the surrounding countryside is also a major attraction for nature lovers: the Sierra de Carche, the Sierra Larga or the Sierra de Santa Ana, among others, where visitors can admire the beautiful flora and wild fauna.



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